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About the webinar

In recent times, and partly in response to COVID, we’ve heard universities talk about a renewed need for flexibility and versatility in their digital learning ecosystems. And this can come as little surprise. Even pre-COVID, we saw higher education institutions embarking upon significant digital transformation initiatives to better support students navigating their unique journeys online and offline, on and off-campus, across multiple settings, from application to graduation. This webinar explored real-world examples of how universities can successfully scaffold learning journeys at scale and make a meaningful and lasting difference to student success - you can access the webinar recording and resources here


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The key themes

Supporting students in navigating and making sense of their learning experiences across a range of online, on-campus and off-campus contexts is no easy feat. Our webinar explores ways to increase the likelihood of student success with a focus on:

Induction & Transition

Data from the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) indicates that 1 in 14 students will not successfully transition to their second year of study. The webinar will call upon real-world examples to surface the initiatives which can impact on student success and retention in a meaningful way. The webinar will illustrate how universities can:

  • Stay connected to students from day one of their university journey
  • Ensure technology is an enabler across curricular, co- and extra-curricular learning activities
  • Monitor engagement of student-centred learning initiatives at scale

Student Wellbeing

Ensuring that students are happy and engaged in their learning is a sure-fire way to student success. But with students learning in multiple settings across curricular and extracurricular actives, both on and off campus, this presents some very real challenges when it comes to large-scale learning initiatives. The webinar will include real-world examples of:

  • Embedding active, collaborative and reflective student-centred learning approaches 
  • Using real-time insight to monitor student progress and well-being.
  • Making support and two-way feedback an integral part of the learning journey

The Learning Journey

For any university looking to develop future and career-ready graduates, they must strike the right balance between guiding and scaffolding the learning journey and developing their students' ability to independently navigate, reflect on, and make sense of their experiences. The webinar will showcase examples of practice connected to:

  • Personal Academic Tutoring, Mentoring and Advising at scale
  • Striking the right balance - highly structured vs student-centred learning


Happy University Students

This webinar will be an "idea sparker" for any stakeholder working in higher education. We expect that university stakeholders at all levels will experience “ah-ha” moments of insight from both a learner and an institutional-impact perspective. Calling upon real-world examples of practice from across the global higher education community, this is a must-attend webinar for anyone looking to learn from expert-led examples of student-centred learning initiatives, which span application to graduation.  

The who, what and when

Shane Sutherland, PebblePad CEO and Founder led the webinar, which was originally broadcast on Thursday, 1st July at 4:00 pm (British Summer Time) | 11:00am (Eastern Time). You can access the webinar recording and resources here