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About the University of Birmingham 

Founded in 1900, the University of Birmingham was the first civic university in the UK. The university is now the fourth largest university in the UK and was ranked inside the top 100 universities worldwide in 2020. Renowned for its reputation for innovation and research, the university's strategic vision for Personal Academic Tutoring is testament to that reputation, with all 35,000 students regularly accessing PebblePad's Learning Journey Platform to record and reflect on meetings with their academic tutors.

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We adopted PebblePad at the University of Birmingham to support our strategic vision for institutional-wide Personal Academic Tutoring and deliver an outstanding student experience. PebblePad is now engrained across curriculum areas to further enhance the reflective and developmental aspects of the student learning journey.  



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Why PebblePad?

PebblePad became an essential part of the university's digital learning ecosystem at a time when it was looking to improve the student experience. The university chose PebblePad to support its ambitious plans for Personal Academic Tutoring (PAT), and the hugely successful model now offers a consistent and replicable approach to the strategic challenge of tutoring students at scale. The thought, planning and support put into the project by colleagues at the university, bolstered by expert implementation advice from the PebblePad team, enabled the institution to scale use to more than 25,000 students within the first year of use.PebblePad has also been rolled out across an array of curriculum subject areas. Supported by HEFI (the Higher Education Futures Institute), PebblePad supports induction, collaborative group projects, work-based learning, authentic assessment and employability initiatives.


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This multifaceted approach means that PebblePad can actively support over 30,000 students in their unique learning journeys, while also offering a platform that they can take forward beyond their journey with the university through free Alumni Accounts. 

Learning Journey Touchpoints

Learn more about how PebblePad supports both student and staff success at the University of Birmingham across multiple disciplines and touchpoints in the learning journey.

  • Academic Personal Tutoring

  • People & Organisational Development

  • Study Abroad

  • Careers & Employability

  • Industry Placements

  • Dissertation Supervision

  • Apprenticeships

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  • Medicine

  • Pharmacy

  • Education

  • Philosophy, Theology and Religion 

  • Midwifery

  • Life & Environmental Sciences

  • Liberal Arts & Natural Sciences

  • Law

  • Criminology

  • Civil Engineering

Institution-wide personal tutoring

Video Case Study - Personal Tutoring

Personal Academic Tutors play a vital role in helping the university's students fulfil their academic potential and feel secure in an uncertain, changing and challenging environment.  Learn more in the short video case study below.

Supporting 'mission critical' learning

Case Study in Brief - Medical and Dental Education

The University of Birmingham’s College of Medical and Dental Sciences, like many similar schools across the globe, needed a platform to support the ‘mission critical’  requirement to develop dynamic, future-ready medical graduates in real-world settings. With clinical skills, specialist placements, electives, research and collaborative projects all forming significant components of a student’s overall medical education, PebblePad provided the college with the technology versatile enough to support these varied learning and development activities and encourage active, authentic learning - within and beyond the classroom

Four reasons why institutions like the University of Birmingham trust us to help them make a meaningful difference to their students' success.


We're more than a little proud of our 17-year track record of helping universities scaffold learning journeys which make a meaningful difference to student success. 


We're big enough to be trusted by leading organisations across the globe, but small enough to value every partner. It's why our customer-base, just like our team, is growing year on year.


PebblePad offers unrivalled capability when it comes to student-centred learning - helping universities transform the learning journey on and off campus - at any scale, across any context.


Our customers rely on us to support business-critical activity at scale, 24 hours a day. You only need to look at our uptime and usage data to see that PebblePad is a platform you can trust.

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The rollout of PebblePad has enabled a renewed focus on personal academic tutoring. The creation of a reflective space providing information and guidance, made PebblePad workbooks especially powerful for both staff and students.

Dr Celia Greenway Director of Student Engagement