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Our report uncovers the ambitions and challenges for those supporting Higher Ed learning and teaching over the next 3 years. 

Using feedback gathered from more than 100 teaching and learning staff at UK Higher Education institutions, we outline the most pressing priorities for the staff directly responsible for delivering education to today’s and tomorrow’s students and provide practical guidance for meeting these ambitions..

WHAT'S THE FORECAST? - Highlights from our Teaching & Learning Priorities

research paper:

    • Teaching and learning staff in UK universities are most concerned about boosting employability, approaches to assessment and student wellbeing in the next three years

    • The majority of respondents believe that the learning experience will be a hybrid one in 2025 – combining online and in-person studies – and see educational technology adoption as an important priority for the next three years

    • How can universities respond? We share a Blueprint for Success in 2025

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