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Making support and feedback an integral part of a well-scaffolded learning journey improves the likelihood of success. At PebblePad, we know more than a thing or two about doing just that.

In PebblePad, you can embed support, feedback and guidance into every step of the journey to help your students and staff capitalise on every learning opportunity, and scaffold resources to support learning in any learning context, on and off-campus. Let's show you how.

PebblePad helps our students reflect on what they are learning by documenting curricular, co-curricular and community learning and the relationship between..


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Build resources to structure and guide

PebblePad templates and workbooks allow you to scaffold development with a combination of content/context and interactive activities. Our drag and drop builders make creating your resources quick and easy.



Help students make sense of learning

Using PebblePad across the entire learning journey encourages learners to build connections between units of study and between theory and practice. To support students engaged in self-directed and content-intensive learning experiences, PebblePad makes it easy to help them make sense of their learning with tools for tracking activity and progress, and opportunities for guided reflection.


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PebblePad enables our students to connect their learning experiences across their entire degree from day one through to graduation.



Embed a student-centred approach

Student-centredness is typically active, collaborative and experiential, with a focus on what learners can do rather than just what they know. PebblePad enables learners to record and reflect on their experiences whenever and wherever learning takes place, and helps you scaffold opportunities for self-directed learning, utilise authentic assessment approaches and provide timely, contextual feedback. Our free guide to student-centred learning presents 6 ideas for kickstarting a successful university-wide student-centred learning strategy.



Provide support exactly when it's needed

Whether students are learning on campus or in workplace or placement settings, PebblePad makes providing feedback and guidance easy, whether from your university staff or external supervisors and assessors. Being able to view submitted work as it is modified in real time ensures students receive the support and guidance they need, exactly when they need it.

The goal setting and reflective practice facilitated by PebblePad made students more responsible for their own skill development.


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Four reasons why universities across the globe trust us to help them make a meaningful difference to their students' success.


We're more than a little proud of our 17-year track record of helping universities scaffold learning journeys which make a meaningful difference to student success. 


We're big enough to be trusted by leading organisations across the globe, but small enough to value every partner. It's why our customer-base, just like our team, is growing year on year.


PebblePad offers unrivalled capability when it comes to student-centred learning - helping universities transform the learning journey on and off campus - at any scale, across any context.


Our customers rely on us to support business-critical activity at scale, 24 hours a day. You only need to look at our uptime and usage data to see that PebblePad is a platform you can trust.

Plus, smile-inducing features you just won't find anywhere else.

If you'd like to see how PebblePad stacks up against other platforms, then our comparison toolkit is a must-have resource. Covering eportfolio practice, scaffolding learning, authentic assessment, integration, security, and more, it contains over 300 areas for consideration.



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Our award-winning PebblePad project has not only provided a sustainable model for the future, but also enhanced the learning process for the trainees, improving their performance, and reducing the cost of the assessment process