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Our Rebuild and Recovery report is informed by contributions from educational leaders within the global Higher Education community.

Looking at successes and issues over the last year, together with both pedagogical priorities and leader objectives, PebblePad has been able to pinpoint a number of priorities for HE leaders as they build post-Covid teaching and learning strategies, and offers a ‘rebuild and recovery’ blueprint.

REBUILD AND RECOVERY - Post-Covid Ambitions for the Global HE Sector:

    • Teaching and learning ambitions – identifying the pedagogical priorities for the next five years

    • Institution wide ambitions – the high-level priorities of university leaders

    • The solutions – how institutions can learn from each other, from best practice, and deliver against these ambitions

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Supporting successful project implmentations

Shared Goals & Common Challenges

We’ve gathered best practice from our 100+ university customers across the world to look at how HE institutions can deliver against these priorities in the year ahead.

The top five priorities highlighted by the research were:

    • Supporting and structuring end-to-end learner journeys

    • Fostering student success and well-being with student-centred learning

    • Capturing learning and evidencing skills in any context - on and off campus

    • Implementing authentic assessment and meaningful feedback practices

    • The ethical use of data when employing analytics to support learning


While the study calls out the successes of universities who have moved quickly to deal with Covid challenges, it also highlights issues which need to be urgently addressed. The insight comes from more than 150 trailblazers in higher education across the globe – including academics and faculty, educational developers, learning designers and technologists. Contributors agreed that meeting these ambitions would help them to successfully navigate post-Covid challenges, as we enter into a period where leaders focus on recovery and rebuilding. Complete the short form below to download your free copy.