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We were delighted to see attendees from all over Australia join our expert panel to explore how a portfolio-based teaching and learning approach can be applied in Veterinary Science programs  You'll find resources related to the webinar below. Enjoy.


If you missed the live broadcast or would like to watch it again, you'll find the full recording below.


If you're short on time (but big on great ideas), we've created a short highlights package from the webinar. The publication focuses on the key themes covered in the webinar, plus mini case studies from our partner universities.

Webinar Highlights (PDF)



Need more inspiration for supporting high-stakes clinical education programs? Adjacent to veterinary science, our Medical Education Guide offers ideas on how clinical education schools can guide experiential learning and bridge the theory - practice gap. The guide is supported by case studies spanning medicine, dentistry and paramedicine, and we're confident you'll find that many of the challenges facing these disciplines - and the solutions - will be applicable.

Get the guide (PDF)



We hope the content here has sparked ideas on how you might approach some of your own learning, teaching and assessment challenges in supporting students in Veterinary Science. Here at PebblePad, we're lucky to have a brilliant community of practitioners who excel at innovating and implementing student-centred practices. If you're finding your institution is having more than the occasional 'how on earth do we approach this?' moment, it's likely that we've already helped the PebblePad community blaze that trail, so don't hesitate to get in touch. You can use the form below to let us know more about how you think we can help.