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PebblePad has the capacity for faculty and institutions to create a structured portfolio [workbook] that scaffolds learning for students to help them make sense of what they are learning - and their entire learning journey - over time. PebblePad does this through simple but powerful tools to help students plan and prepare, record and reflect, collect and curate, and share and showcase their development  and achievements.



If you missed the live broadcast or would like to watch it again, you'll find the full recording below.


We're really proud of our PebblePad community's case studies and the incredibly creative ways our partner universities are using PebblePad to help provide structure to their students' learning journeys. Our newly launched case study portal offers a great opportunity to explore the many ways PebblePad can be used.  

Launch case study portal



We hope our introductory integration webinar has been an idea sparker for those of you already using Canvas LMS and understanding our integration more. The first in a short series, our next webinar will aim to cover Assessment in PebblePad in a Canvas context.  If your institution is looking to revolutionise student-centred learning it's likely that we've already helped members of our PebblePad community do something similar. Use the form below to let us know more about how you think we can help.