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Broadcast Date: Thursday, 17th October 2019 at 13:00-14:00 BST (London Time) 
1 hour
Online Zoom Meeting Space
Presenter: Robert Chmielewski, University of Edinburgh

Topic: Responding to the challenge(s) of online assessment

About the webinar
The trend of moving paper-based assessment online demands a lot from the people and systems employed to support that process. In asking why these workflows are perceived as complex, Robert Chmielewski considers the relevance of PebblePad in supporting such complexity.

Practical strategies that have been adopted at the University of Edinburgh will be discussed, including:

  • redefining students' journey in PebblePad for high stakes assessment,
  • feedback template optimisation for the double-blind marking process,
  • using ATLAS' Approvals tool for signposting the multi-stage marking workflows,
  • managing anonymity across different user roles and workspaces,
  • "how to put the cherry on the cake" - the importance of the ATLAS-Turnitin integration for marking.

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