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If you want help transforming individual learning journeys into connected university-learner partnerships, we’ve got you covered.

At PebblePad, we’re committed to helping universities stay connected to your students at every stage of the learning journey and in every learning context - increasing the likelihood of engaged, confident and successful students. Let's show you how.

A big selling point for us was the flexibility PebblePad offers in terms of tailoring the learning experience for students.


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Support learners through orientation and induction

PebblePad can help scaffold orientation through key induction activities and provide opportunities for students to introduce themselves to their tutors, mentors or other key supports. Helping students settle in and orient to university life effectively can make the difference between a keen and well-prepared learner and a potential early leaver.



Support learners through mentoring and personal tutoring

At the heart of good mentoring or personal tutoring experiences are regular opportunities for meetings, whether conducted face to face or online. Ensuring everyone is prepared and has the latest information they need allows for productive sessions, and using PebblePad templates to help everyone plan, prepare for and record meetings keeps everyone connected and all information together and accessible.


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The rollout of PebblePad has enabled a renewed focus on personal academic tutoring. The creation of a reflective space providing information and guidance made the workbooks especially powerful for both staff and students.



Support learners off-campus

Studying away from campus – due to remoteness, being on placement or social distancing – can potentially lead to feelings of disconnectedness. PebblePad helps you stay closely connected to your learners throughout their learning journey, no matter their distance or proximity to a physical campus. For examples of using PebblePad to support learners in any context - our Learning Journey Platform publication includes 12 short case studies of exceptional practice from our customers around the globe.



Support learners through graduation – and beyond

As employability becomes a focal point for many universities, institution-wide initiatives that focus on lifelong learning and developing graduate employability skills are becoming more common. PebblePad not only helps learners explore and develop their professional identity while at university - an alumni account lets them take their learning with them and continue to record professional development and reflect on their growing professionalism out in the workplace.

PebblePad is a fabulous tool for students to start thinking about professional self – it helps them to build a professional identity because it’s purposeful.


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Four reasons why universities across the globe trust us to help them make a meaningful difference to their students' success.


We're more than a little proud of our 17-year track record of helping universities scaffold learning journeys which make a meaningful difference to student success. 


We're big enough to be trusted by leading organisations across the globe, but small enough to value every partner. It's why our customer-base, just like our team, is growing year on year.


PebblePad offers unrivalled capability when it comes to student-centred learning - helping universities transform the learning journey on and off campus - at any scale, across any context.


Our customers rely on us to support business-critical activity at scale, 24 hours a day. You only need to look at our uptime and usage data to see that PebblePad is a platform you can trust.

See how our trailblazing partners are nurturing success.

If you'd like to see how some of our global partner institutions are developing future-ready graduates, our High-Impact Practices guide is a must-read publication. 10 compelling case studies that use PebblePad to support High-Impact Practices and enhance learner success.


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PebblePad is invaluable as it helps us flag when students need extra support from their lecturers and when we need to get a student in for a meeting in the case of an incident on placement.