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About the webinar

Date: 14th February 2018, 12:00 – 13:00 GMT (London time)
1 hour
Online Zoom Meeting Space.
Presenter(s): Geoff Rebbeck, Professional Studies Tutor, PGCE, Canterbury Christ Church University and
Shane Sutherland, CEO and Chief Mischief Maker, PebblePad.

Topic: Frontiers of learning

In this webinar, Geoff Rebbeck will return to the 6 Frontiers of Learning which were referenced by Sarah Tutton in the August 2017 webinar on ‘Using technology to support reflection on individual learning journeys.’ Geoff will explore the frontiers in more detail, discussing along the way their relationship to eportfolios.

The frontiers being explored are:

1. Using technology to support and manage unique learning journeys
2. Course design that works around Reflective learning
3. Showing Digital literacy-in-action, leading to positive on-line reputations
4. Teaching the employability mindset, including self-employment
5. Focussing all learning, and publishing its accomplishments in personal learning spaces
6. Using technology to capture and present soft skills - the rounded person.

Further reading and a copy of the slides from the presentation can be found here http://www.xtlearn.net/L/9044/2/BCDEFM    

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