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About the webinar

Date: 16th February 2017, 16:00 (GMT)
Online Zoom Meeting Space.
Presenter(s): PebblePad Founder and Commander in Chief - Shane Sutherland.
Topic: Reimagining Portfolios

Whilst we are constantly surprised and delighted at the innovative uses of PebblePad we know that much of this innovative use is to solve a very particular institutional problem with each individual institution often unaware of the fascinating uses of PebblePad happening elsewhere.

Some examples are evident at significant scale and this maturing of portfolio practice is increasingly evident in support of the full student life cycle – preparation; application; orientation; core curricular; work-based learning; extra-curricular; research; HEAR (Higher Education Achievement Report, UK); transition to employment; and revalidation.

In this 50 minute webinar, Shane will draw upon a wide, international range of diverse examples to inspire, enthuse and otherwise encourage you to rethink the ways in which you use PebblePad.

Watch the webinar now