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So, we weren't offering free macaroons (or any baked goods for that matter) but that didn't stop a great number of folk seeking us out at InstructureCon 2021. Here are 5 reasons why we think PebblePad was such a big hit at the event (and why you might like to think about booking time for a chat) ...

Reason no. 1: A winning partnership
Lennon and McCartney, Woody and Buzz, PebblePad and Canvas. All brilliant in their own right - even better in partnership. Across the global HE community, PebblePad's out-of-the-box integration with Canvas is bolstering LMS capability for supporting student-centred learning at scale.

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Portfolio Example

Reason no. 2: eportfolio capability you simply won't find anywhere else

Here at PebblePad, we know that developing well-rounded, future-ready graduates through student-centred, experiential learning initiatives at scale is a difficult ambition to realise. Supporting these initiatives raise real challenges for universities, not least because they frequently take place in diverse settings, both on and off-campus, and involve multiple stakeholders. PebblePad offers unparalleled eportfolio capability to help learners make sense of, and evidence, their unique learning journeys.

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Reason no. 3: A trusted partner
While customers typically choose PebblePad the technology for its versatility, they choose PebblePad the company for its pedagogical expertise and reputation for putting customers first – it’s why the global PebblePad community, and our team, is growing every year.   

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Medical Education - Competency Assessment

Reason no. 4: Support for authentic assessment

Whether your students are on campus, out in the workplace or on placement, university staff or external supervisors and assessors can easily provide timely feedback and guidance using PebblePad, ensuring students receive the support and guidance they need, exactly when they need it. At the University of Liverpool, PebblePad is used by the Medical School to capture real-time assessment data in challenging clinical environments, while at the same time promoting lifelong learning.

Reason no. 5: Supporting institution-wide success
The University of Birmingham, a Canvas Partner, uses PebblePad digital workbooks to support over 35,000 students in planning and preparing for their tutorials, recording activities, and accessing information and guidance relating to their studies and well-being.

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PebblePad workbooks and feedback

PebblePad is all about helping universities develop flexible, well-rounded, future-ready graduates and staff. We believe this is only achievable through a flexible and versatile learning ecosystem (as illustrated in the PebblePad task-based portfolio example above). Evidence of PebblePad’s versatility is evident across our global community of practice – from UAL’s use of PebblePad to support application, to the University of Edinburgh’s SLICCS (Student-Led-Individually-Created Courses) initiative, to Portland State University’s integrative learning portfolio project to help students authentically demonstrate essential skills to future employers.

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