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Universities from the Blackboard community are choosing the PebblePad Learning Journey Platform to enhance their institution-wide capacity for scaffolding learner journeys that seamlessly span learning on and off-campus - in any context, at any scale, from application to graduation. Supporting eportfolio, reflective practice, experiential learning, authentic assessment and more, PebblePad helps universities bolster their digital learning ecosystems to make a meaningful and lasting difference to student success.

Resources from BBWorld21

If we missed you at BBWorld or you'd like to revisit some of the content we made available during the event, you'll find a number of useful resources below. Enjoy. 


Supporting student success

Calling upon real-world examples of practice from across the global higher education community, PebblePad CEO and Founder Shane Sutherland recently led a webinar focusing on how universities can support student success. With many “ah-ha” moments of insight from a learner and an institutional-impact perspective, the publication below summarises the five key things we learnt from the webinar.

Open the summary (PDF)

Supporting the end-to-end learning journey

In the webinar Shane demonstrated how PebblePad offers tools that extend far beyond its portfolio-building capability to support even the most ambitious of pedagogical wish lists. If you'd like to learn more about how this works in practice, then our Learning Journey Platform Guide, which includes twelve examples of customer practice, is a must-read. The button below will direct you to the free download.

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Supporting your success

Since 2004, we have helped hundreds of partners successfully integrate PebblePad into their digital learning ecosystems. Along the way, we have naturally learnt more than a thing or two about what makes for a successful implementation, and we continue to place great emphasis on planning and preparing for success at scale. Our Learning Services team combines expert pedagogical (and pebblegogical) know-how with a raft of learning design experience.  

Learn more about our Learning Services


If you're finding your institution is having more than the occasional 'how on earth do we approach this?' moment, it's likely that we've already helped the PebblePad community blaze that trail, so don't hesitate to get in touch. You can use the form below to let us know more about how you think we can help.