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Broadcast Date(s): Monday, 19th August 2019 at 11:00-12:00 PDT (US Time) 
1 hour
Online Zoom Meeting Space
Presenter(s): Holly Lawson, Portland State University

Topic: Assessment, Advising, and Student-Directed Learning through the Integration of PebblePad into a Visually Impaired Learner Program

About the webinar
Join us as we discuss how a program preparing candidates to work as teachers of students with visual impairments is guiding and supporting learners through reflective digital workbook experiences such as the advising process and practicum experiences, which in turn directly inform both their scholarly ePortfolio creation and effective program assessment. The webinar will also identify strategies for developing advising workbooks that support both advisors and their candidates from matriculation through employment along with methods for integrating authentic ePortfolios to encourage reflective practice, peer feedback, and authentic assessment of student learning that directly connects to the program’s national accreditation standards.